The project societal environmental project local Sharebooks !

Why this project?

Is education costing you money?

On average, a medical student (for example) spends 

6 000 €

in 10 years to buy the books he needs for his studies.

Do you see many of your customers ordering on the internet?

People are ordering more and more on the web.


of companies attribute their growth to digital in 2020.

You have students but no resource center?

Often, some schools (especially higher education) do not have a  


Indeed, their commissioning and maintenance costs are high.

Our challenges


We want to make reading, culture and knowledge accessible to as many people as possible, by promoting the opportunity,exchange and sharing between readers. And this, whatever the income and social situation.


Through our support of the used book exchange and our commitment to local commerce, weaim to reduce the environmental impact of the literary sector.


With our innovative platform, we want to highlight local businesses and cultural know-how.