The operation of the platform

For our bookstores & resourceries

More visibility

The application has a geolocation system that will show people the different bookstores, libraries, bookshops, nearby.

Allowing us to find you quickly.

More sales

The application should acquire a large number of users.

By putting your books for sale or rent on Sharebooks, your sales will increase as users order more and more online.

Business intelligence icon

Business intelligence

Have you ever dreamed of reading the future?

Sharebooks will have a predictive algorithm to know in advance which books or authors will be trending in the future! This tool will also allow you to manage your stocks and orders.

Ecology Icon

Acting for the environment

Sharebooks is part of an eco-responsible approach, our local deliveries are done by bike for example.

By choosing Sharebooks, you are already doing something for the environment.

Career paths
Mock-up pro

Download the application in Open Beta!